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Comprehensive Eye Exam

If you’ve had a vision screening recently, you might say, “My vision is fine! I don’t need a comprehensive eye exam.” But a vision screening provides a limited perspective on the overall health of your eyes. It’s a bit like getting your blood pressure checked and not getting the rest of your annual physical. You’ll have useful information, but it’s not the whole picture.​​​​​​​

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Myopia Management

Myopia is a very common issue throughout the world. Approximately 1/3 of the population in the United States have the condition and over 90% of several East Asian countries suffer from myopia. While myopia may seem like such a common condition that it shouldn’t be cause for concern, it is actually associated with several very serious conditions that can threaten one’s ability to see.​​​​​​​

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Eye Disease Treatment

Millions of patients are diagnosed with diseases and conditions of the eye every year. Some of which may not display symptoms until there is irreversible damage to the patient’s vision. The outcome of eye disease can range from temporary discomfort to total loss of vision, which is why all eye problems and diseases should be taken seriously and regular eye check-ups are absolutely essential.​​​​​​​

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Full Service Optical

Our knowledgeable, trustworthy opticians have years of fitting experience. Our service starts with eyewear selection suited to your personal needs and style preference and progresses through the life of your glasses to include accurate measurements, detailed inspections, repairs, and cleanings.

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Routine Vs. Medical

Vision screening is a brief evaluation (such as with a Snellen – or “big E” – chart) and can be performed by a primary care doctor as part of a regular physical.

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