Keene Vision Center Testimonials

I have a complicated vision issue at the moment and the optical manager Jon and optical techs Tina and Carolyn worked through several fittings and even a quick double check on the script with Dr. Tuthill. Great, great service and willingness to work through the problems created by my particular vision situation. Thank you! And even had help choosing frames that are quite nice.

Morse F.

Went in for a contact lens eye exam, got right in without waiting and was done in 20 minutes. Everyone was super nice! And great prices. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Sheena B.

Went in to get new glasses last week, Tina was awesome to work with and helped me find the right pair! It was great that she gave an honest opinion and had no problem helping me hunt for the perfect ones! Glasses were ready in less than a week and picking them up was super quick and convenient. Thank you!

Amanda P.

Tina was the absolute best with myself, husband and 2 kids. She helped us 3 of the 4 times were there. So sweet and helpful. Dr. Tuthill was also amazing. Best optometrist. Hard to find such a wonderful place, so glad we did!!!

Tiffany T.

The office is a well oiled machine. I was in and out and set up with glasses in no time. Hailey was excellent in helping me find a pair that best suits my lifestyle.

Doug C.

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